My vocation, aspirations, relation and conduct affect others as well as myself. My vocational practices reflect my true self. It is my aim so to discharge my vocational duties that my efforts will add to the sum-total of human achievement. Therefore, it shall be my purpose:

  • To consider my vocation worthy, affording me not merely a means of material gain and self-expression, but also a distinct opportunity to serve society.
  • To increase my understanding, improve my efficiency, and enlarge my service, thereby exemplifying the principles of Rotary, that “Business is Service” and that “he profits most who serves best”.
  • To hold that success in my vocation is a worthy ambition, but to feel no success that is not founded in justice and right, and to consider that true success cannot arise from abuse of privilege, betrayal of trust, or taking unfair advantage of opportunities for gain or distinction.
  • To recognize that transactions governed by sound business and professional practices should bring satisfaction to all parties concerned, and to regard it a privilege in such transaction to serve beyond the strict measure of duty or obligation.