President's message

October 4, 2017 was the date I was inducted to Rotary Club of Hong Kong Island East. I was touched by the warmth and selflessness of the members I met. The experience from when I was first introduced to HKIE as a guest had been life changing.

Which brings us back to this year’s theme, “Serve to Change Lives”. I can give back exactly like how it was given to me. There are no words that can describe how I feel being President of the 4th oldest club in the district in less than 4 years after I was first inducted; when IPP Leo asked if I can be the next President, my heart short circuited my brain and I just remembered saying yes. It is only the right thing to do when IPP Leo and other past presidents in the club had put in their heart and soul into serving through Rotary.

So, “Serve to Change Lives” is exactly what I shall take lead to do. I am very blessed that our board, chairs, and advisors are most supportive in action and in words, and that alone gives me confidence to move forward. I believe that fellowship unifies and strengthens us, and the stronger and more unified we are, the better we could serve through Rotary. The rest is teamwork, and I envision the best of my leadership role in HKIE to be a direct manifestation of all the greatness of our members.

I look forward to knowing each of you more through serving together.

Yours in Rotary
President Bernard (2021-22)
Rotary Club of Hong Kong Island East (Chartered 6th April, 1954)