The Rotary Club of Hong Kong Island East held its inaugural meeting at 1 pm on March 11th 1954 at Winner House, North Point, Hong Kong. On April 6th that year, together with the Rotary Club of Hong Kong Island West, the club formally received its charter from Rotary International.

Our first premises was set east of Arsenal Street, hence giving birth to the Chinese name of Tung Feng, or ‘East Wind’, and our club masthead bears the image of Chinese military strategist Chu Koh-Liang and adorns our club newsletter to this very day. He was the most noted military strategist in the period of the Three Kingdoms over 2000 years ago.

A joint Charter Night was held at the Ritz Nightclub on May 28th, 1954 when past R.I. Administrative Advisor, Charlie T.F. Wei officially presented the charters to the new club. The officers elected from the 25 charter members were John Yuen as the Founder President, K.C. Goh – Vice-President, Patrick Cha – Hon. Secretary, Dragon Nie – Hon. Treasurer, Rotarian S.K. Chen, K.S. Chang, Joseph Fung, S.M. Ma, William Nichol and Alan Yin as directors.

Since its inauguration at the Winner House our club meeting venue has moved from time to time, always within Causeway Bay. First to Sunning House then to the Royal Hong Kong Yacht Club, and then later to the Victoria Restaurant (now call Pak Lai) where we began enjoying Chinese food at our meetings.

Later it moved to the Lee Garden Hotel but then had to move temporarily to the Caravelle Hotel while the Lee Garden Hotel was redeveloped. In 1980 the meeting venue changed to the Excelsior Hotel when the club’s membership had out-grown the size of the meeting room at the Lee Garden Hotel. As from 1st June, 1995, we decided to hold our regular meeting at the Regal Hong Kong Hotel, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong, due to the renovation of the Excelsior Hotel, and that’s where we still meet to this day. From its inception, Rotary Club of Hong Kong Island East has been the home of some very notable and prominent Hong Kong business and society members.

Throughout our long, proud history, we have endeavoured to serve the community and support those in need in true Rotary spirit through our service projects and fund-raising activities. Having fun and making new friends every step of the way. During the Rotary year 1993-94 our former club secretary Moses Cheng who became the Chartered President of our baby Club. The Rotary Club of Northeast was elected District Governor of District 3450 and also our PP Y.K. Cheng was elected District Governor for the year 1996-97.

Other notable appointees include the late PDG Peter Hall (Uncle Peter) who was elected District Governor in 1981-82, and our current DG Eric Chin has taken up the District Governor position for the Rotary year 2016-17. Our club today remains proud of its heritage and its strong tradition, while we move with the times to embrace the future.